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Narrow-Band Radio Systems

With the year 2013 rapidly approaching as the date for VHF and UHF radio systems to be compliant with the FCC requirement for Narrow-Band operation, I receive a lot of inquiries as to whether Plectron receivers will function on both the newly created narrow-band channels or on the existing channels when they are converted to narrow-band. The Plectron receivers will function properly on the narrow-band FM analog (non-digital) radio systems. Because of the reduced modulation deviation caused by narrow-banding the channel, the audio output (volume) on a Plectron is somewhat reduced. I do have a receiver modification to re-establish normal audio output (volume) on Plectron receivers. The modification is made at no charge if requested when a Plectron is sent in for repair or if a reconditioned receiver is purchased for use on a narrow-band channel.  If a Plectron is sent in for the narrow-band audio improvement  modification only, the charge is $15.00 (plus shipping).
I have converted hundreds of Plectrons to work on narrow-band FM analog systems and they continue to function, for the user, just as they have for years. For pagers and Plectrons to continue to be used for alerting, the narrow-band radio systems must remain FM analog systems.

If interference from adjacent channel users is ever a problem I have new filters to solve that problem also but because of the technical considerations frequency coordinators use in assigning the radio channels the interference problem has never occurred requiring that I install the filters on any Plectron.
Most of the Public Safety radio users are aware that Low-Band (30 to 50 MHz.) radio channels are NOT subject to narrow-banding, therefore no changes are needed for low band Plectron receivers.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about using your Plectrons on a narrow-band radio channel.